Welcome, Coinz Trader!

We do not want to waste your time, so a few initial assumptions are being made:

1. You have landed here because you trade and invest in Crypto Assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
2. You would like to complement your own analysis with some nifty quantitative tools, right?

If that is the case – good – we might have a match!

Quantitative Tools & Strategies

We have a number of quantitative tools available to our members. The main purpose of the tools is to assist in position taking. There are trend models, like Trend Strength and Trend Phases, drawdown calculations and correlation analysis. Irrespective of your trading style – trend follower, contrarian, other – you will most probably find something useful.

The tools and reports are developed in-house, giving us full insight and control, and are proprietary. New tools are developed and made available regularly. We highly appreciate new ideas from our members.

Read more about the tools.

We also provide a systematic trading strategy for your use. Check out TRETS – Trend Trading System.

Membership Plans

You gain access to the tools and reports by becoming a member. There are three membership plans available:

1. Bronze. This membership is suitable if you wish to remain unregistered. Bronze membership provides access to a small subset of published reports.

2. Silver. If you want to stay up-to-date, this is the membership for you. ALL published analysis and tools are available to a Silver Member.

3. Gold. In addition to having access to ALL published content, Gold Members may request customisation of standard reports and are entitled to individual trading consultancy/mentoring.

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Membership Cost

Current prices for the memberships:

1. Bronze. Free.

2. Silver. Free.

3. Gold. 1 month membership for 0.03 BTC or 0.30 BTC for a year. Gold Membership is by invitation only.

You become a Silver Member here.