Membership Plans

There are three membership plans available:

1. Bronze. This membership is suitable if you wish to remain unregistered, i.e. no Sign Up is needed. Our followers on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also Bronze Members. Bronze membership provides access to a small subset of published reports on a daily basis.

Membership Fee: Free.

2. Silver. If you want to stay up-to-date, this is the membership for you. ALL published analysis and tools are available to a Silver Member. To become a member you register, Sign Up.

Membership Fee: Free.

Note: The trading strategies, like TRETS, are not included in the membership.

3. Gold. In addition to having access to ALL published content, as a Gold Member you have the privilege of requesting customisation of the standard reports, i.e. to have tailor-made analysis done of Crypto Assets of your choice. A popular customisation among Gold Members is to include other Crypto Assets in the Monthly Quant Report. You are also entitled to individual trading consultancy/mentoring.

Gold Membership is by invitation only.

Membership Fee: 1 month for 0.03 Bitcoin (BTC) or 0.30 BTC for a year.